Evander Holyfield Raves About Brandon Marshall’s Boxing Ability

Add former wide receiver Brandon Marshal to the growing list of athletes and celebrities who have been trying their hand in the boxing ring lately. Marshall has been training at Evander Holyfield’s gym, and apparently he’s getting pretty damn good.

“Brandon, ya know, he looks good balance-wise. We weren’t really sparring but he got good balance and hey, he look like he could be a good fighter,” Holyfield said via TMZ.

Holyfield went on to compare Brandon Marshall’s boxing skills to heavyweight fighter Deontay Wilder.

“[Brandon] pretty much got the same reach as the heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder,” Evander says. “He got that reach just like that but he got trunks. He got them big arms. You know he hit somebody with one of them, you know what, he ain’t got to hit ’em right. Maybe if he miss, they still may fall.”

Sideaction’s Latest:

Brandon Marshall was a six time pro bowler in the NFL. He last played in 2018 with the New Orleans Saints. Marshall possessed a unique mix of size and speed, that would bode well for him in the boxing ring.

Let’s get Brandon Marshall an exhibition with one of the Paul brothers. My money would be on Marshall by way of TKO.

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