Chris Brown is Standing With Kyrie Irving Over Vaccine Mandate

Chris Brown is totally on Team Kyrie.

The Brooklyn Nets lost their season opener to the Milwaukee Bucks last night. It was the first of what will most likely be plenty of games without Kyrie.

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Due to his decision to remain unvaccinated, Irving isn’t allowed to play home games or away games. New York’s vaccine mandate bars him from playing at home, and the Nets have decided to bar him from playing away games until he gets vaccinated and can play games at home.

Singer Chris Brown is siding with Kyrie on his vaccine stance.

“I stand with my brother,” CB said. “WHOEVER DON’T LIKE IT … Go live your damn life.”

See below:


NBA commissioner Adam Silver even publicly called for Kyrie to get vaxxed so he can get back to playing.

Not so sure Chris Brown is the guy you want backing you.

That’s the first sign you might be on the wrong side of things…

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