Brittany Matthews Was Back Cringe Tweeting During Chiefs Game

Patrick Mahomes fiancé just can’t help herself.

The Kansas City Chiefs have played in the past two Super Bowls and if things continue, they might just make a third straight appearance.

Patrick Mahomes got his Chiefs their sixth straight AFC West title, which they clinched on Sunday via a 36-10 win over the Pittsburgh Steelers at Arrowhead Stadium. Mahomes fiance, who is notorious for tweeting annoying things, was back at it during the game.

Check out her Cringe worthy tweets below:

Once the game was over, she had a message for the doubters:

The Chiefs were 3-4 at the end of October, and making the playoffs as a wild-card entry looked spotty.

Back then Mahomes fiancé and brother were being blamed for the Chiefs struggles, specifically Mahomes struggles.

I guess now they should get some credit?

Nope, not happening.

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