Don’t Ask Bill Belichick About His New Year’s Resolutions Following a Loss

Bill Belichick has a few moods.

One is less grumpy,  and this is usually how he is after a win.  Following a loss, the Hall of Fame coach is really grumpy.

The Patriots lost a tough one against the Bills this past weekend. By losing to their division rivals, the Patriots are now no longer in first place in the AFC East.

Bill Belichick was not about to start answering questions about his New Year’s resolution. Some reporter had the gall to aske him about his after the game.

Watch below:

Twitter reacted to the reporter’s boneheaded question:

You have to have zero awareness if you ask Belichick that question after a loss.

Almost feels like she was trolling him, but hard to say for sure.

It would have been way more awesome if he snapped on her for not being able to read the room.

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