Dennis Rodman Spotted Smoking Cigar in Airport

Former NBA superstar Dennis Rodman was the ultimate Bad Boy.

He was one of the most controversial athletes to ever lace them up. Dennis was never one to follow the rules, instead opting to make up his own rules.

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All these years after Dennis’ NBA retirement, he’s still  making up his own rules.

For instance, Dennis isn’t afraid to light up a cigar in an airport.

Via IG account Deuxmoi:

Not only is he smoking inside an airport, which is a big No-No, he’s also not wearing a mask.

Do we just chalk this up to Dennis being Dennis?

Interestingly enough, Dennis Rodman was greeted by police last week when his flight touched down in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

As reported by TMZ via an eyewitness, the NBA legend was allegedly told four times by JetBlue staff to put on a mask during his trip from Los Angeles.

In September 2020, the eccentric NBA Hall of Famer was captured on video grocery shopping and hugging fans at a Tustin, California Whole Foods with a mask below his chin.

Dennis is always going to be a menace.

That’s just who he is.


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