Ben Simmons Sister Olivia’s Twitter is Now Deactivated

Philadelphia 76ers star Ben Simmons’ family continues to be at the center of disturbing allegations. Ben’s sister Olivia Simmons is alleging she was molested as a child by the siblings’ half brother, Sean Tribe,  who is also the 76ers star’s manager.  Olivia went public with her allegations in a series of tweets.

“I was crying out for help I was silenced,” Olivia wrote on Twitter. In separate tweets, Simmons, who called herself a fearless survivor, wrote, “These are not accusations. This is my truth.” Simmons also claimed she has “medical records” to further prove she was allegedly molested as a child.

Tribe responded to Simmons on Twitter and Instagram. Four days after Simmons’ tweets, Tribe released a statement, denying the sexual abuse allegations:


Following Tribe’s denial, Ben’s sister when back to Twitter to react:

Now it appears her Twitter has been pulled down. Some believe the family may have had some influence on her decision to pull down her account.

You hate to see all the Simmons’ dirty laundry being aired. Olivia is always a fixture on Twitter with her hot takes, so the fact that her account is down is definitely troublesome. However her IG is still up.

Check out a few of her posts below:

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