Eli Manning Savagely Ripped Into Russell Wilson During Monday Night Football Broadcast

Eli Manning isn’t so nice after all.

The 2022 Seattle Seahawks are not a very good team. Their defense is one of the worst in the league and they’re lucky they actually aren’t winless heading into their Week 4 matchup with the Detroit Lions. That game they are currently underdogs by almost a touchdown. On the bright side Russell Wilson isn’t doing so hot up a mile high.  Russell Wilson and the Denver Broncos are also struggliing this year, despite having a 2-1 record. Wilson has only thrown two touchdown passes in three games and his 45.2 QBR ranks No. 21 in the NFL, which is below Seahawks starter Geno Smith.


Now Russell Wilson is getting dunked on by Eli Manning on Monday Night Football.

Watch below:

This should go for all players. if you can not dominate and consistently win games all by yourself you should not be making 30-50 million per season. The Denver Broncos won’t have much salary cap room after Wilson’s contract, and the Seahawks only did well with Russ when he was on his rookie contract and they had money to pay for other good players and a real defense.

After Russ demanded his salary he eventually got in Seattle, that was it for the hawks, no money for anyone else.

Russell needs to put the team first if he wants to be on a good team, not his bank account.

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