Bears Fan Returns Roquan Smith’s First Touchdown Ball, Receives Many Gifts

Chicago Bears linebacker Roquan Smith scored his first NFL touchdown on Sunday when he took a Joe Burrow interception 53 yards for a touchdown.

In the heat of the moment, Smith gave the ball to a fan who was sitting by the end zone. Even though he later realized that he wanted the ball as a keepsake, Roquan Smith decided he’d let the fan keep it.

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“In the moment,” Smith said. “I wish I would have kept it. But I’m sure I made his year. … I’ll just keep the jersey and I’ll keep the memory.”

The Bears fan who received the ball, Courtney Fong, saw the quote from Roquan Smith, and went on a mission to return the ball to the Bears’ middle linebacker.


On Tuesday, Courtney Fong announced that she had successfully exchanged the football with Roquan Smith for a who bunch of gifts.

Roquan Smith’s first touchdown was the spark the Bears needed to get their first win of the season against the Bengals on Sunday.

And I’m sure Courtney Fong will be just fine with all her new memorabilia items to replace the ball she received during the game.

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