Aaron Jones Thanks Team Trainer Who Found Dad’s Ashes In The Middle Of The Night

The search party was on after Aaron Jones revealed that the necklace containing his dad’s ashes was lost in the end zone during one of his four touchdowns for the Packers on Monday night.


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Luckily, it was announced on Tuesday morning that Aaron Jones’ necklace with his father’s ashes in it had been found.

And later in the day, Aaron Jones thanked Packers trainer, Bryan Engel, who was searching until nearly 2:00 am on Lambeau Field until the pendant was found in the grass

Bryan Engel’s kindness to Aaron Jones is something you don’t see everyday, and shows how much he cares about all of the players in the Packers locker room.

I think it’s safe to say that we’re all happy that Jones was able to recover his necklace. And Bryan Engel deserves to be celebrated for his unwavering act of selflessness.

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