Andy Reid Speaks On The Kareem Hunt Revenge Game Narrative

Cleveland Browns running back Kareem Hunt made news when he said the next game against the Chiefs would be ‘personal’ for him after beating the Steelers last night. Of course, Hunt was cut by Andy Reid and the Chiefs in 2018 when a video showed him assaulting a woman.


Kareem Hunt has not played against the Chiefs since he became a Brown. That’ll change in the divisional round this weekend. Hunt spoke about going up against his former team.

“I probably won’t be doing too much talking to those guys, but maybe one or a few I’ll call and just chop it up, ask them how they’re doing and stuff,” Hunt said via Yahoo Sports. “Other than that, you know, sorry but we’re enemies this week fellas.”

Andy Reid also chimed in on what it will be like to face off against Kareem Hunt this weekend.

“I like Kareem,” Reid said, via Adam Teicher of “I’m glad things are going well for him. He knows a lot of the guys who were on [the Chiefs] last year and probably felt bad about not being a part of all that. Most of all I’m happy for him that things are going in the right direction for him.”

Kareem Hunt scored 11 touchdowns this year, and was given a two-year extension with the Browns back in September. Andy Reid might have his hands full with his former play-maker this weekend.

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