Aaron Rodgers Has A Wild Conspiracy Theory About The Doppelganger Seen In The Stands During Sunday Night Football

As Aaron Rodgers was dominating the Bears (once agin) during Sunday Night Football last week. NBC cameras panned the stands at Lambeau Field.

When looking at the Packers fans in the stands, many were quick to notice that a man watching looked exactly like the Packers quarterback.

While doing his weekly interview on “The Pat McAfee Show”, Aaron Rodgers had a wild take on the doppelgänger. He thinks that NBC planted the guy in the stands to give them something to talk about.

It’s pretty on-brand that Aaron Rodgers won’t just believe that a guy looks like him in the stands.

He’s made his anti-vaxx takes clear since he caught COVID earlier in the season. And he has often accused the media of being out to get him in the past.

Aaron Rodgers is one of the best quarterbacks on all-time. But his craziness is almost as polarizing than his prowess on the football field.

Who knows, though, maybe NBC really did plant someone at Lambeau Field so they could have a funny viral moment…. I’m just not buying it.

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