Nick Saban Accuses Rival Coaches Of Lying About Him

The feud between Nick Saban and other top coaches in college football continues to grow…

With the college football season round the corner, Saban is lashing out at some of his top competitors, claiming that coaches around the league are incorrectly telling recruits that he’s planning on retiring soon.

“I love my job. I love the relationships with the players. I love the competition, I love the preparation for the games and I just love it,” Saban said, via Saturday Down South. “I wish you all would ask all the other coaches that come up here, because they tell all the recruits I’m going to retire.

“Why don’t you ask them how they know I’m going to retire? When all I think about is what am I going to do if I retire. I love what I’m doing now so how am I going to be happy not doing it.”

All offseason long, Nick Saban has been creating headlines by talking about how the dynamic of college football is poor for the overall growth of the sport. And it’s clear that he doesn’t give a damn what his critics think.

Now, he’s going right after coaches who are telling players he’s planning on going away soon, which should be bad news for other college football blue bloods.

It’s clear that Nick Saban has a chip on his shoulder after losing the championship game last year, and all of his competitors should be on notice.

I wouldn’t bet against this man, even as he enters his twilight years.

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