Meyers Leonard’s Wife Elle Getting Harassed Following Her Husband’s Anti-Semitic Slur

Meyers Leonard’s Wife Elle can hoop just like her anti-Semitic husband. The Miami Heat are currently reviewing video of center Meyers Leonard uttering an anti-Jewish slur while streaming his video-game play. On the video, Leonard can be heard saying:

“F—— cowards, don’t f—— snipe at me you f—— k— b—-.”

Following the incident we received some info on his wife, who is also a baller. The two met Freshman year at the University of Illinois. They’ve been together ever since.

Leonard’s wife Elle is always posting hoops videos on her IG. She has game just like her husband.

Check out a few of her latest below:

She’s also already receiving plenty of hate comments on her IG.  Fans have flocked to her most recent post, leaving some pretty unsavory comments.

See below:


Myers wife can’t be too happy with her husband’s most recent controversy.

Check out more of the couple below:

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