Nebraska Cornhuskers Fans Chant For Urban Meyer to Become Next Head Coach After Scott Frost Was Finally Fired

Nebraska Cornhuskers fans have already decided who they want their next head football coach to be: disgruntled veteran coach Urban Meyer.

While we last saw Meyer with the dumpster-fire in Jacksonville last season, he built up quite a reputation for himself as one of the very best college coaches of all-time. And perhaps he’s the guy who could eat the Nebraska program back to prominence.

During Fox College Game Day, Nebraska fans tailgating for their game against the Oklahoma Sooners on Saturday started a “we want Urban” can’t that could be heard on the broadcast.

Check it out:

For now, Meyer is re-joining his previous role as a college football analyst following his ousting from the Jaguars. But many around the game of football think he’ll dip his toes in the coaching waters again someday.

“There is no doubt in my mind — there is no fence-riding here — there is no doubt in my mind that Urban Meyer will be a college coach again one day,” 247Sports’ Josh Pate. “I don’t know what year that is, but it’s not too far away. This guy is not complete without football. Urban Meyer, as long as he has been drawing breath on this Earth, he’s been involved with this game in some way. He has coached for years, and years and years now. He is only in his late-50s. Legacy means a lot to guys like this. If anyone in their right mind thinks the last thing Urban Meyer is going to let you remember about him is whatever we call what happened in Jacksonville last year, you’re crazy.”

It’s highly unlikely that Meyer will jump at the Nebraska position, but perhaps he’s currently eyeing which college football job he wants to take on next.

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