Here’s a Look at Kobe’s Shoe Company Mamba’s First Shoe

Kobe Bryant had a very successful shoe line with Nike. His mamba shoes are still being sold. But according to reports, Kobe had his sights set on bigger things. Prior to his tragic passing, he was planning on launching his own shoe company, called Mamba. It would be the first player owned shoe company.

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According to venture capitalist Shervin Pishevar, he was going to leave Nike.

Here’s a look at the prototypes below:

Kobe was trying to incorporate tech into his shoes:

Kobe reportedly wanted to leave Nike because he wasn’t happy with the way they were marketing his shoes.

Kobe was a super successful businessman, so there’s no telling what Mamba could have become.

I’m sure will find out even more Kobe businesses ideas that have yet to surface.

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