People Are Convinced Al Michael Had Chargers +4.5 Following His Reaction to the Late Touchdown on Thursday Night

Is Al Michaels secretly throwing heavy stacks on the games he’s announcing?

During the Thursday Night Football game between the Los Angeles Chargers and Kansas City Chiefs, it looked like the Chiefs all but had the -4.5 spread locked up when they carried a 10 point lead late into the fourth quarter, But after Justin Herbert found Joshua Palmer for a late touchdown, the Chargers were able to cover the spread.

While announcing on the Amazon Prime broadcast, Michaels let out an emphatic “yes!” as Palmer reeled in the touchdown catch. The reaction was so noticeable, that many were thinking that Michaels had some action on the game.

In the past, Michaels has been known to throw in some subtle gambling references during broadcasts. But now that the betting side of sports is so openly embraced, he has admitted that it’s not quite as fun to make the references.

“Now I guess they’re allowing me to come in the front door, which is not as much fun as kind of doing it subtly,” Michaels said last year when speaking on gambling.

As for the ramifications for the Thursday Night Football game itself? The Chiefs now find themselves at 2-0, looking like they haven’t skipped a beat even after losing Tyreek Hill in the offseason. And even though Herbert had a gutsy performance with clear pain in his midsection, the Chargers fell to 1-1 on the season.

The Chiefs will face off against the Colts in Week 3, while the Chargers will play host to the Jacksonville Jaguars next weekend.

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