Reporter Leah Vann Who Was Called Out By Brian Kelly For Being Late to Press Conference Explains Herself On Twitter

Brian Kelly is all about being on time.

The Tigers Head Coach has had a tough week,  he suffered a brutal 24–23 defeat to Florida State in New Orleans on Sunday night. During a press  conference this week, Kelly took issue with the tardiness of a reporter during his media availability session this week. Kelly called out the reporter just as he opened the floor to questions.

“We’ll open it up to this late-arriving media crowd that must have enjoyed the weekend,” Kelly said. “That’s usually $10 that we put in the kitty. We’ll have a big bash at the end of the year at my place.”

The reporter fired back:

“Maybe when you win I’ll be on time,” the reporter said.

Kelly kept his cool in responding to the jab

“I don’t think it has anything to do with winning,” Kelly replied. “I think it has to do with being on time.”

Watch the exchange below:

The reporter would later take to social media to explain why she was late.  Leah Vann, who covers LSU baseball and football, explained the situation.

“Press conference was at noon, I was running from a doctor’s appointment. Got there at 11:57,” she said. “Brian Kelly called me out, said jokingly I owed him $10, I said if he won maybe I’d be on time. Not my finest hour. I apologized afterward, he was super chill and said I still owe him $10.”

“I know Brian Kelly likes to joke,” Vann continued in a thread. “He clearly took it as one from our conversation afterward. All in good fun, fam.”

As a reporter you really never want to become the story.

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