Nick Saban Lashes Out At Alabama Player Doing ‘Horns Down’ Celebration After Beating Texas: ‘Don’t Do That Sh-t’

You didn’t really expect Nick Saban to be in a jovial mood after beating the Texas Longhorns by one point, did you?

The Crimson Tide squeaked out of Austin with a victory thanks to a game-winning drive led by reigning Heisman Trophy winner Bryce Young.

After the game, several members of the Crimson Tide team were celebrating the win by trolling Texas with the “horns down” celebration.

Saban isn’t like any of that.

As he was running onto the field to shake hands with Texas head coach Steve Sarkisian, Saban noticed his players trolling Texas, and immediately snapped.

“Don’t so that sh-t!” Saban yelled.

Saban has the utmost respect for Sarkisian. After all, he brought on the Texas coach to be his offensive coordinator back in 2017, which allowed Sark to have opportunities at the NFL before landing the big Texas gig.

“I think he’s a very bright guy. He’s very well organized and did an outstanding job when he was here. He’s got a good system and he understands defense,” said Saban. “(Sarkisian) like to see what you’re in if he can so that he can run a play that’s gonna be an effective play against that particular look or give his players the best chance to be successful. I think all those things and good preparation make you a very, very good play caller,” Saban said in a recent interview.

Despite the loss, the Longhorns proved that they’re making strides under Sarksian, and very nearly sent Austin into a frenzy if they were able to finish off the upset victory.

Maybe they’ll be able to finish the job next time.

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