LeBron James Makes Subtle Comment About Re-Joining Miami Heat

Is LeBron James already plotting his next move?

Earlier in the postseason, a quote from LeBron talking about how much he’d love to play with Steph Curry and the Warriors went viral all over the web.

But mixed in with his comments about the Warriors, LeBron James showed some desire to team back up with the Miami Heat, as well.

“The team I would love to play for is not in the playoffs, which is the Lakers. But if it was one team that I know I could make an immediate impact in the postseason, and we could be very special, it would either be Miami or Golden State, for sure,” he said.

LeBron James seems committed to the Lakers for the short-term, but it was also recently reported that he’s unwilling to sign a long extension in LA right now.

Obviously, LeBron has been known to bounce around throughout his career, and Miami is in need of another star to pair with Jimmy Butler.

But now simply isn’t the right time for LeBron James to make his return to the Heat.

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