Adam Schefter Sends Out A Statement About The Controversial Washington Email

We didn’t expect Adam Schefter to get dragged through the mud with the NFL’s latest email leaking investigation. But here we are.

During the lockout in 2011, Schefter was emailing back and forth with former WFT president Bruce Allen to get his take on the state of the league. He even ran the story by Allen before publishing, and jokingly called the executive his “editor”.

Adam Schefter initially stood up for himself with some comments.

“I’ve learned for a long time in this business not to discuss sources, or the process, or how stories are done,” Schefter said. “But I would just say that it’s a common practice to run information past sources. And in this particular case, during a labor intensive lockout that was a complicated subject that was new to understand. I took the extra rare step to run information past one of the people that I was talking to. You know, it was an important story to fans; a host of others, and that’s the situation.”


Adam Schefter’s response did little to quiet the noise surrounding him. And the journalist would later send out a prepared statement about the email with Bruce Allen.

It’s clear that Adam Schefter is going to stand by his guns when defending himself with this story. But the optics do look kind of fishy.

While it’s probably common practice to reach out to different people around the league when working on a story, it feels kind of unethical to insinuate that a higher-up has the autonomy to edit one of your pieces. And it begs the question: Is Schefter giving preferential treatment to certain people around the league in return for scoops?

We’ll likely never know the answer to that question. But Adam Schefter certainly has a cloud hanging over his name at the present moment.

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