Tom Brady Responds To Tony Romo, Peyton Manning Calling Him Slow

Tom Brady and his running prowess have been under fire this week.

On Sunday, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were able to defeat the Buffalo Bills in overtime, and during many points of the game, Tom Brady had to showcase his running ability. Following the game Tom’s coach gave him a stern warning.

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Tony Romo even called Brady slow throughout the broadcast, which is a sentiment that was echoed by Peyton Manning during the Monday Night Football Manningcast.

Brady ended up hearing these comments, and he wasn’t too happy about them. In fact, he even went to Twitter with a response video, which can be seen below.

Of course Tom can’t just let a comment slide, he feels compelled to prove all his doubters wrong.

Tom isn’t fast by any means, but he definitely looks as fast as he’s ever been.

Not too bad for a 44 year old.

Being pliable pays off.

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