Tom Brady Has Perfect Response To Player Complaining About Madden Rating

Tom Brady knows a thing or two about being slept on in his first few years, so he doesn’t really have time for all the waves of NFL players who aren’t happy about their Madden ratings this week.

One of the main skill players who felt they got ripped by the video game was Ja’Marr Chase, who felt he should have been much higher than the 91 overall he was given.

Tom Brady was quick to tell Ja’Marr Chase that not only was he rated very low when he was that age, but that Madden didn’t even have his name on their game when he was going into his second season.

Sure enough, a fan found Tom Brady on the Patriots’ depth chart for Madden in the late 90s, and he was only known as “QB #12” on the game.

Brady got a kick out of the throwback.

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So for Ja’Marr Chase and all the other players complaining about their Madden rating, maybe they can just look at the Tom Brady story as extra motivation.

At the end of the day, it’s a video game, and not the end all be all for ranking players in the NFL.

It’s pretty hilarious to see the Tom Brady rating from one of the first games, though.

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