Brett Favre’s Daughter Brittany Credits Her Father for her ‘Competitive Nature’

The Old gunslinger’s daughter is going viral.

On this week’s episode of ABC’s reality show “Claim to Fame,” in which relatives of famous people live in a house and compete for $100,000, a woman named Brittany on the show revealed that she actually is none other than the daughter of NFL legend Brett Favre.

According to the Green Bay Gazette, the daughter also believes her line of work gives her an edge in competitive settings like this particular game show. Here’s how she put it:

“My dad and I are really close. I did inherit his competitive nature. At my house, winning is the only option. I was born before he became successful so I got to witness the entire rise from an unknown to known.

“Don’t let my kindness fool you. I used to be an attorney and know how to win. I am so competitive that I hurt feelings.”

As of now  Brittany Favre is still on the show, but in a preview for next week’s episode someone says she’s gotta go, with another contestant calling the Packers legend’s daughter “diabolical.”

Seems like a Chip off the old block.

Check out more of Favre’s daughter Brittany below:

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