Not One Single Bet Has Been Placed on 4 Teams For NFL’s Best Record

The best way to win is not to bet?

Some NFL fans are backing their favorite teams, I mean, why not throw down some cash on your team to finish with the NFL’s best record. The NFL is such a league of parity that you really never know which team can go from worst to first.  But there is a list of four teams that  have not received a single bet, and you really don’t want to be on that list of infamy.  You can pretty much call these four teams the very worst, at least that’s the perception from the betting public. According to  Caesars Sportsbook, the Washington Commanders is one team that has not received a single bet to finish with the best record.

See below:

The other three teams on the list aren’t too surprising either.

“No bettor has backed Washington to finish with the NFL’s best record (80/1) this season, joining the Falcons, Lions and Texans in this club of infamy. For worst record (25/1), though, the Commanders have reeled in the ninth-most tickets and sixth-most money.”

Clearly no one is interested in backing any team with Carson Wentz under center.

He’s listed at 125/1 for MVP, and bettors are not anticipating an incredible debut campaign in our nation’s capital. Wentz is 29th in tickets (0.5%) and 32nd in handle (0.2%), including behind two running backs (Jonathan Taylor, Derrick Henry), two wide receivers (Deebo Samuel, Justin Jefferson) and a defensive player (T.J. Watt) in handle.

You would think a few die-hards would maybe throw down $5 dollars on their team to finish with the best record? But no, not one single bet. That’s pretty much the kiss of death, even your true blue fans don’t believe in you.

Crazy no one has bet on the Lions, they’ve been pretty hot as of late in the betting department. 

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