Channing Crowder Doubles Down on Calling Russell Wilson a ‘Square’

Channing Crowder is a former NFL guy turned talking head.

Even though he is no longer playing, his podcasting career is blossoming. Recently Crowder made some comments that caught people’s attention. He he made some scathing comments about Russell Wilson and his wife Ciara. Russell seemingly responded to the former NFL player’s criticism.

“If Russell didn’t have that bread Ciara wouldn’t be with him,” Crowder said at the time. “Ciara, she has a good situation. You don’t leave [her ex-fiancée, rapper] Future and get with Russell Wilson. It’s a type. Everybody has a type… and I love him on the field but he’s f–king square,” he said before calling Wilson a “goofball.”

Crowder has since apologized for his comments about Ciara. However he’s doubling down on his insults of  Russell Wilson.

He states, “Have ya’ll seen Russell’s videos?” Crowder asked. “Have you seen, ‘Mr. Unlimited’?! And, this goofy s*it he does?! I don’t know why so many people were mad at my opinion of Russell Wilson is a square and a lame. I didn’t call him an alcoholic. I didn’t call him a deadbeat dad. I didn’t call him a pedophile. I called him lame!”

Watch below:

Ciara and Russell Wilson have yet to comment on Crowder’s digs.

However, the Broncos quarterback continues to post biblical passages whenever someone comes after.

Looks like God is in Russ’ corner.

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