Stephen A. Smith Thinks James Harden’s Playoff Performance Warrants An “Investigation”

Stephen A. Smith isn’t holding back on James Harden.

After the Sixers traded a massive haul for Harden’s services midseason, he clearly didn’t come as advertised. And after Philly lost their playoff series to the Heat, Harden took the bulk of the blame.


Now, all the media pundits are piling on James Harden, including Stephen A. Smith — who went on a full rant against the Sixers guard this morning.

“That performance by James Harden requires an investigation. How in God’s name you go 22 minutes in the second half and attempt one shot. It was a horrific performance. Anemic and impotent performance by James Harden,” Smith said. “And I’m really interested in seeing what the Philadelphia 76ers are going to do with Doc Rivers because I smell something and it don’t smell right at all.”

Joel Embiid would probably agree with Stephen A. Smith. In his post game presser following the loss on Thursday, Embiid admitted Harden wasn’t the guy Philly thought they were getting.

“Obviously, I’m sure since we got him, everybody expected the Houston James Harden, but that’s not who he is anymore,” he said.

Despite all the criticism from his teammates and all media members such as Stephen A. Smith, James Harden claims his plan is to return to the 76ers next season.

“I’ll be here,” Harden told reporters. “Whatever allows this team to continue to grow, get better and do the things necessary to compete at the highest level.”

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