NFL Insider Sheds Light On Wild Tom Brady “Masked Singer” Rumor

The NFL world is officially in panic mode regarding Tom Brady’s hiatus.

After stepping away from the Buccaneers during Training Camp, the rumor this week was that TB12 was actually just filming an appearance on game show, “The Mask Singer”.

If you went down that whole rabbit-hole, people were speculating that Brady had already agreed to make an appearance on the “Masked Singer” while he was retired. And even after coming out of retirement to join the Bucs for one more season, he couldn’t get out of the agreement.

Per NY Post:

“Kendall Valenzuela, a fantasy football analyst, suggested in a Twitter video that Brady is off filming “The Masked Singer” for a number of reasons — one being that the show is part of the Fox Network. And, wouldn’t you know it, the seven-time Super Bowl champ recently inked a monster deal with the company’s Fox Sports sector, where he’ll become the lead NFL analyst whenever he decides to retire for good.”

Unfortunately for all the people speculating about Tom Brady’s whereabouts, it doesn’t appear that he’s just hanging out on the set of “The Masked Singer”.

“Per source with direct knowledge the Tom Brady/Masked Singer time-off theory is false,” NFL insider Benjamin Allbright tweeted out today.

Yesterday, Buccaneers head coach Todd Bowles admitted that he wasn’t sure when Tom Brady was returning to the team.

“We’ll see,” Bowles said, per ESPN, when asked Thursday when Brady will return. “We’ll talk about it next week. [I’m] not concerned about it right now. We’re trying to practice against Tennessee and play a game. I said ‘sometime after Tennessee.’ There’s no definitive date for me. But we’ll check on it, we’ll keep in touch and we’ll find out.”

It appears that Tom Brady just left to create some work/life balance, and we’d expect him to return to the football field soon.

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