Russell Wilson Sends Message To Ciara On Their Anniversary

While Russell Wilson has been with Ciara for many years now, their lives changed dramatically this offseason when he was traded from Seattle to Denver.

Still, the family seems to be embracing the long-overdue change of scenery. And on their anniversary on Wednesday, the new Broncos QB took to social media to send a message to his wife.

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“First time we met I was speechless. Not because I didn’t have the words to say, but because God answered my prayers. that was you. God has blessed us for the past 6 years of Marriage & our 3 beautiful children,” he wrote on Twitter.

Ciara had a message of her own for Russell Wilson.

“Doing life with you has been everything I could have hoped for, dreamt of, and more. It’s the best feeling in the world waking up to you everyday. There is nothing I wouldn’t do for you. Happy Anniversary Mi Amore. My Best Friend. I love you so much @DangeRussWilson. Year 6,” she said.

Ciara and the family were undoubtedly a huge part in Russell Wilson choosing the Denver Broncos over a plethora of other team interested in his services.

And even though the team has been stuck in mediocrity for the past few seasons, they appear to be one of few contenders in the AFC now that they have Russ in their corner.

Regardless, it appears the marriage between Russell Wilson and Ciara is as strong as ever.

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