News Anchor Freezes After ‘Inappropriate’ Moment from Sportscaster

Talk about an uncomfortable moment. News anchor Elmarie Kapunda and sportscaster Jessica Kaimu  had a bit of a moment during a live broadcast. During an airing on the Namibian Broadcasting Corporation, Kapunda introduced Kaimu’s sports segment. But for some reason Kaimu was not having it.

Watch the awkward moment below:

“No, you’re not going to do that. You’re just going to greet me, and say, ‘Take it away,’” Kaimu told Kapunda.

“Jessica, we are live,” Kapunda responded.

According to CNN, the incident was all a misunderstanding.

“Unfortunately for the sports presenter, I don’t know what happened in her earpiece, she did not realize she was on air,” Jacobs told CNN. “What people heard and saw was something that was supposed to happen behind the scenes.”


Supposedly the two have no beef:

“The two ladies are good colleagues (and) last night they had a live chat where they had a good laugh about it,” Jacobs said. “Once you realize that you are on the air and you’ve said something that might be inappropriate for the viewer, you basically freeze.”

Not so sure about the two not having some issues with each other…

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