Shaquille O’Neal Just Ripped Apart Lebron James When Comparing Him to Giannis

As LeBron James is nearing the end of his career, it seems as if no one is afraid of LeBron.

In a recent episode of The Big Podcast with Shaq, the former Los Angeles Lakers great says the  Lakers have no excuses.

Having 5 of the best current players, the Lakers couldn’t make the playoffs. In the middle of the season, the fans and the critics started blaming Westbrook for his poor performance. Though Shaquille believes, the veterans didn’t seem to care.

“Me and Jamal know. We see. I see they didn’t care the whole year.” said O’Neal.

The Shaq dropped a hammer on LeBron.

“And you know, LeBron is my guy. But, nobody was ever scared of LeBron, right. So, if you’re not scared of a guy, you have much more confidence. And that’s a dangerous guy to play with.”

When asked why no one fears LeBron, he said

“They respect him but they don’t fear him.”

Though there is one player in the league who is feared. “Giannis. They fear Giannis now… Yeah, they fear Giannis, cause they can see it in his face when he comin’ down the damn lane full court. They can see like, yo this guy not playin’.”

LeBron did pretty well for a guy not feared, but being feared is not a prerequisite for winning. No point for Shaq to say that at this stage of LeBron’s career. There’s no doubt at some point no one wanted to get in Bron’s way.

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