Tiger Woods’ Caddie Gives Telling Update On Potential Comeback

Tiger Woods remains adamant that he will return to the PGA Tour at some point. But for now, that date still seems like it’s way down the road.

Since his scary single-car crash from last year, Tiger has admitted that his recovery has taken a bit longer than he would have liked.

“I have not been running any marathons lately, none of that. I haven’t done any backflips or anything like that, no,” Woods said last month. “I don’t know. I can hit balls. The hardest part is actually walking, and so, that’s going to take some time. I’m going to have to put in the time and effort at home and do all the beach walks and walk golf courses because it is very easy at Medalist to just hop in the cart and whip around and play a quick 18 or 36, but it’s a little different deal than being out here with these guys and walking up and down the hills.

“(It’s) just the ankle mobility and over time the ankle swells, the foot swells, leg swells and that’s just (going to take) time.”

This week, Tiger Woods’ longtime caddie, Joe LaCava, spoke on his current mindset with his recovery.

“He takes it one day at a time, but he’s certainly hoping to get back. He loves to do this more than anything, like all the guys,” LaCava said, via Golf.com. “And same thing I tell people, listen, I said, ‘How many times can this guy work his butt off?’

“When I say work his butt off, not just chipping and putting in the backyard and hitting balls. I mean, he’s gotta work his butt off every single day rehabbing and stuff like that in order to get back and be able to walk and be able to walk a golf course, then obviously try to play at that level. So I think he’s willing to give it one more hard go on, you know, the work that he’s gotta put into it.”

Like Tiger Woods, Joe LaCava wouldn’t give a timeline on when we can expect to see the legend back on the course. But he pointed to Tiger’s love on the game when speaking on the future.

“I think it’s gonna be even more work than it was coming back from the fusion surgery with the back and stuff like that, but I think he’s willing, at this age, to do it.  And, like you said, maybe that father-son tournament gave him a little more motivation because, as most people saw if they watched it he hasn’t lost much in the golf. He may not be quite as long as he once was but he can still hit the ball and still can putt and chip. So, I mean, if he can get around a golf course, he could still be dangerous, if that happens.”

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