Jerry Jones’ Secret Daughter Alexandra Davis Has Dropped Lawsuit

Jerry Jones is off the hook for now.

In early March 25-year-old Alexandra Davis filed a paternity lawsuit against Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, claiming that Jones is her biological father and alleging that he paid her mother hundreds of thousands of dollars in 1996 to keep the information confidential. Now reports are indicating she’s reportedly dropped her lawsuit against the Dallas Cowboys owner.

Nataly Keomoungkhoun of the Dallas Morning News reported Davis instead prefers genetic testing in an effort to legally verify that Jones is her father.

“The 25-year-old woman who filed a lawsuit alleging Jerry Jones is her biological father has dropped the case and will instead seek to legally establish that the Dallas Cowboys owner is her parent.

In court documents filed Wednesday afternoon, Alexandra Davis says she wants genetic testing to verify the parent-child relationship. “Alexandra has just decided that she wants to go ahead and proceed with parentage and DNA testing,” said Jay Gray, one of Davis’ lawyers. “She wants to remove any doubts that Jerry’s her father.”

The action comes the day before a scheduled hearing in Davis’ previous lawsuit against Jones, which her attorneys asked a judge to dismiss without prejudice Wednesday.

A representative for Jones declined to comment. Lawyers for Jones did not immediately respond to a request for comment.”

There was a previously scheduled hearing for her lawsuit for Thursday, but her attorneys asked a judge to dismiss it.

Davis filed the lawsuit March 3rd and said she was conceived from a relationship Jones had with her mother in the 1990s.

Davis said Jones reached a financial agreement with her mother that would see him support her if they didn’t make it publicly known that he was the father.

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