Rhode Island Department of Transportation Channels Bill Belichick

In New England there’s the wrong way, and then there’s the Patriot way. The Bill Belichick regime has rubbed off on all New Englanders. This has never been more evident than a recent report by a Rhode Island DOT representative. There’s a big snowstorm coming to the northeast, and to explain what they’re going to do in order to prepare, the Department of transportation representative did his best Bill Belichick impression.

“We adjust. It’s no different than the Pats have to do on Sundays, right? They have players. We play with the team that we got and that’s our approach to things. We just adapt and we overcome and get the roads clear.”

Watch below:

The Patriots Twitter account reacted:


If this guy had been sleeveless, then it would have been totally Bill Belichickian.

He’s definitely the Belichick of the DOT!!

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