Colin Cowherd is Searching For Who Zach Wilson’s Mom’s Best Friend Is

Colin Cowherd like the rest of us is curious.

The Fox Sports broadcaster openly admitted that he too is trying to figure out who Zach Wilson’s mom Lisa’s best friend is. Of course this whole thing started when the Jets quarterback’s ex called out Wilson for hooking up with his mom’s BFF. The internet detectives have been working diligently trying to crack the case.


Cowherd made his admission that he too is trying to solve the mystery.

“For about 15 minutes last night the only thing I cared about was what did Zach Wilson mom best friend looked like.” He went into a little bit of detail about looking for Wilson’s mom’s best friend before he said he started watching Netflix.

Joy Taylor chimed in, “I’m sure internet sleuths will turn up this information.”

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