Colin Cowherd Gives Aaron Rodgers Big Credit For Going On A Barstool Sports Podcast

Maybe FS1 host Colin Cowherd is coming around to Aaron Rodgers?

Despite ripping him time and time again for his vaccine decision and overall standoffish nature, Cowherd actually had good things to say about Rodgers on his show today.

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Specifically, Colin Cowherd thinks Aaron Rodgers deserves credit for going on Barstool Sports’ “Pardon My Take” podcast and dealing with the constant heat from well-know Bears fan “Big Cat”.

On of the more interesting parts of Aaron Rodgers’ appearance on “Padon My Take” was when he admitted that he was considering quitting football to become a lawyer after he was lightly recruited out of high school.

“I came out of the winter, had no offers, and really didn’t know what I was going to do. Obviously, the JUCO’s in the area wanted me to come play there, but growing up, you don’t dream about playing, you know, JUCO ball. You dream about playing on Saturdays on ABC with Keith Jackson calling your games. You’re not thinking about playing at Cowan Stadium in Oroville, California in front of 500 people. But playing baseball that spring really kind of gave me my competitive fire back, and I played in this All-Star football game that summer. And I say “All-Star” very lightly, because it was in Northern California, kind of North-South, there were only a few of us from that game who went on to play in college. But that kind of gave me my fire back. I went to Junior College at Butte, had a fantastic time, still very close with my coaches there, and then the rest is kind of history,” Rodgers said on the Podcast.

While Aaron Rodgers keeps himself pretty guarded when dealing with the media, he does enjoy going on with some of the more ‘fun’ outlets out there such as the “Pat McAfee Show” and “Bussin’ With The Boys”.

After the whole media circus centered around him for the past few years, it seems like Rodgers is starting to try to build his image back up. And Colin Cowherd knows that a partnership with “Barstool Sports” could help him out in that area.

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