NFL Tells Referees to Focus on One Thing in 2022 Season

The NFL is trying to control their on the field product.

The refs will be focusing on illegal contact fouls for this upcoming season. An illegal contact foul occurs when a defensive player initiates contact with a wideout more than five yards down the field while the quarterback is still in the pocket.


The illegal contact penalty is five yards and an automatic first down.

An NFL spokesperson confirmed to ESPN that the NFL has asked referees to “pay particular attention” to illegal contact fouls in 2022.  The  report also reported that a big drop in illegal contact calls in 2021 led the league to make that a point of focus for referees. Just 36 illegal contact fouls were called in 2021.


“In administering illegal contact, officials must first identify the prohibited contact and then confirm the position of the ball and quarterback. The committee encouraged officials to move more quickly from the contact to the quarterback, in order to better enforce the foul.

League sources surveyed by ESPN were split on whether the wording of this year’s illegal contact instructions will lead to a spike in flags, as occurred after the two previous points of emphasis for the foul. In 2014, flags illegal for illegal contact rose to 148 from 52 in 2013. In 2004, they rose to 191 from 79 in 2003.

Another significant point of clarification for 2022 will revolve around roughing the passer fouls. The competition committee has clarified that contact to the helmet and below the knee area must be forcible, in recognition that some officials have thrown flags for minor contact in recent seasons.”


Finally, someone has addressed the number one problem facing the modern NFL. The shocking decrease in the number of penalties called in games!

Not sure the viewer watching games on  TV wants anymore flags thrown.

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