Russell Westbrook’s Wife Claps Back At Skip Bayless Over ‘Westbrick’ Comment

The Russell Westbrook-Skip Bayless feud continues.

All season long, Bayless has been calling the Lakers point guard by the damning nickname, “Westbrick”. And finally, the former MVP had enough.

After Skip Bayless made a wisecrack after the NBA Draft, Russell Westbrook took to social media to slam him for saying things he would never say in person.

Now, Russel Westbrook’s wife, Nina, is also joining the Skip Bayless hate party.

The longtime spouse hopped not he web to trash Skip over the “Westbrick” name.

“It’s very disheartening that you would choose to continue to shame my family name,” she wrote. “Today was a really sad day my daughters and me. The fact that you can’t respect a simple request not to try to tarnish my family name is saddening and such a pile on. It’s extremely hurtful.”

Despite the disastrous season for Russell Westbrook and the Lakers last season, it appears as though they’re set to keep the point guard for the 2022-23 season.

All season long, the talking heads have been coming for Westbrook’s throat — making him the clear scapegoat for all of the Lakers’ failures. But he can answer the critics with a strong bounce back performance next season.

I’m sure Russell Westbrook would love nothing more than to prove Skip Bayless wrong. But it’s also possible that he just isn’t a fit with this current Lakers roster.

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