Jamal Murray Throws Shade At Nick Wright Over Disrespectful Nikola Jokic Take

FS1’s Nick Wright (like many of his colleagues) is known for upsetting a lot of people with a lot of his takes. Wright was at it again on Thursday, when he was talking about potential NBA MVP Nikola Jokic.


The Denver Nuggets big man is putting up some absurd numbers this season, and it seems like he’ll be taking home the award this season. While many will see this season as a breakout for Jokic, and give credit to him, Wright has another take. Form a historical standpoint, Nick Wright thinks that Nikola Jokic winning the MVP this season would be unimportant.

“The MVP having to be awarded in some hallway somewhere because he’s not playing in round two ain’t great,” Wright said. “When you look at the list of MVPs in league history, I say this with respect to Jokic, historically speaking, he’d be the worst one we’ve had in 35 years.”

Nuggets guard Jamal Murray took to Twitter to respond to the Nick Wright take.

Sure, Nikola Jokic may not be the most exciting MVP winner of all-time, but he’s certainly deserving of the award, and I’d be willing to bet that we’ve had plenty worse players win over the past 35 years.

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