Russell Westbrook Got Into Heated, Uncomfortable Talk With Reporter

The Lakers season continues to be a dumpster fire.

The Los Angeles Lakers lost yet again on Tuesday night, furthering themselves from playoff contention.

Following the game, Lakers scapegoat Russell Westbrook got into it with a reporter. The reporter certainly held his ground.

“I’m only one person, champ. It’s a team game,” he said. “So I don’t have an answer. You can give me your answer.”

Watch the awkward exchange below:

The reporter clearly wasn’t ready for Russell to turn the question back on him.

If a reporter can’t give an answer to a question he’s asking, maybe he shouldn’t ask it all? If I’m changing anything with the Lakers, which at this point is way too late, I’m letting Russ come off the bench.

That’s assuming AD and LeBron are healthy. But as we know, they are not.

Reporters are trying way too hard to get under Russell’s skin, which apparently isn’t too difficult.

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