FOX, ESPN Getting Into Bidding War for Robert Griffin III

NFL Quarterback Robert Griffin started out his career as hot as any player in NFL history. Now he’s once again back to being a hot property. This time he’s getting a ton of attention as a broadcaster. Griffin was NFL Rookie of the Year with Washington after being the second overall pick in 2012. Following several injuries, he was never again the same player.

Now Griffin is sought after for a spot in the broadcast booth if he chooses to retire.

The New York Post reports both ESPN and FOX are vying for his services.


Via NY Post:

“ESPN has upped its offer after Fox showed heavy interest in Griffin as an NFL and college football analyst. Now both networks are waiting to see whether Griffin will try to play again or retires from the NFL to move into TV. Even if Griffin does decide to play, TV will be waiting for him when he ultimately retires. (Outkick first reported ESPN’s and Fox’s interest in Griffin.)

… Griffin really excelled in his auditions for ESPN and Fox. Sources from both networks were blown away by Griffin; some said Griffin’s was among the top tryouts they have ever viewed.”

Mark Sanchez is also being pursued by FOX, per the Post.

For some life after football can be very lucrative.

Break a leg, RG3.

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