Kevin Durant Speaks On Kyrie Irving’s Refusal to Get Vaccinated

Kyrie Irving wasn’t against vaccines, he’s just not a fan of mandates.

Kevin Durant isn’t mad at Kyrie for what he believes in.  Durant left the ultimate situation with the Warriors to play with Kyrie. Irving’s decision not to get vaccinated definitely screwed up the entire season for the Nets. He couldn’t play Brooklyn home games for several months. That whole situation lead to James Harden wanting out.

Brooklyn never got on track and they got swept in the first round of this year’s playoffs.

Yet Durant holds no grudges toward Irving. Durant still won’t place a single ounce of blame on Kyrie.

Via NBC Sports:

“Durant didn’t hesitate when asked by Yahoo Sports following his news conference whether he wants to continue to have Irving as a teammate.

“Of course,” Durant said. “I would love for him to play more. Life is way more important to me than that. I can’t be pissed off. I can’t end the friendship based on something like that. Our friendship is based off who we are as human beings. The basketball adds to it. If we don’t get along on the basketball court, we can easily talk it out as friends.”

“James? Him leaving? I wish things would’ve been different,” Durant confessed to Yahoo Sports. “Being mad? I wish it was different. I can’t say I was that emotional.

“They’re grown-assed men. I can’t control how they feel. They might change their minds. Everybody gets that grace. Life is too amazing for me to be that upset. I get that people want me to feel a way.”

Assuming everything is back to normal next season, the Nets will have no more built in excuses.

Of course they’re still going to have to deal with the whole Ben Simmons situation…

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