Skip Bayless Thinks Kevin Durant Is Sending Messages Through His Brother

The Skip Bayless-Kevin Durant beef raged on this week.

After the FS1 host made his opinion clear that the Brooklyn Nets should hold Durant to his contract instead of granting the superstar his trade request, Tony Durant (KD’s brother) showed up in the comments section.

“Uhhhhhhh skip the hell with that and you,” wrote Tony.

On Friday night, Skip Bayless called out Kevin Durant again. This time, Skip is certain that the Nets star is trying to send messages through Tony rather than addressing the matter himself.

“Hey, @KDTrey5, are you now using your brother to send messages for you? I said if I’m the Nets, I hold you to the FOUR YEARS left on your contract. Your brother responded hell with that and hell with me. That how you feel? Hell with FOUR MORE YEARS of the contract you signed?” Skip said on Twitter.

Obviously, Skip Bayless wants all the smoke with Kevin Durant, and why wouldn’t he?

After all, the most interesting aspect of Bayless’ shtick is when these athletes actually give him the time of day and respond to his nonsense.

Still, it looks like the Nets are holding on to Kevin Durant unless they receive the monster return they’re looking for. Which means this whole ordeal could lag on to next season and give talking heads like Skip Bayless some content all Summer long.

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