Report Sheds Light On Kyrie Irving’s Future With Brooklyn Nets

Will Kyrie Irving be a member of the Brooklyn Nets next season?

Prior to the NBA Draft last week, several reports were swirling that both Kyrie and Kevin Durant were potentially looking to move on from the Nets — with the Lakers emerging as a top threat to land Irving.

During an ESPN appearance, NBA insider Adrian Wojnarowski gave some insight to the Nets’ current mindset regarding Kyrie Irving.

According to Wojnarowski, the team would like to hang on to the skilled point guard, but they’d prefer to do so on a shorter-term deal given his off-court dilemmas over the past few years.

“Listen, people try to gain leverage. If you’re Kyrie Irving, you’re trying to go get the Nets to give you a longer-term deal with more guaranteed money than they want to give,” Wojnarowski said. “The Nets are trying to go in the other direction—shorter deal, incentivized, because he just hasn’t been on the floor as much as they’d like the couple years.”

Woj would go on to say that Kyrie Irving’s future in Brooklyn is most definitely in question.

“This is getting acrimonious, and I think that’s the concern when you look at not just Kyrie Irving’s future in Brooklyn, but Kevin Durant’s future and whether they can hold this thing together right now,” he added.

Kyrie Irving has stayed relatively quiet as rumors continue to swirl about him daily. But given that the NBA Draft has already come and gone, it seems a little more tricky that a deal would surface.

I’m sure plenty of teams are waiting on pins and needles for the Nets to decide that Kyrie and KD are on the market. But for now, they seem to be trying to make it work with their two best players.

Even with the drama surrounding him constantly, Kyrie Irving would have a huge market for his services. And at this point, I don’t think anyone in or around the NBA would be surprised to see him in a different uniform next season.

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