Kevin Durant Trade Price Has Been Revealed

What will it take for a team to pry Kevin Durant away from the Brooklyn Nets?

Thats the questions hat many teams are ordering right now, and perhaps they’re about to get their answer.

According to the latest report, the Brooklyn Nets are currently seeking at least one All-Star caliber player to go along with “several” first round draft picks.

Shortly after that report dropped, it was also reported that the Nets were open to listening to the Heat about a Kevin Durant trade. But they’re also content going into next season with KD on their roster.

Last week, it seemed like a foregone conclusion that Kevin Durant would be traded shortly.

But now, it seems like the talks have hit a bit of a stall.

Still, I would expect the Nets to end up pulling the trigger on a Kevin Durant trade. It’s just a matter of which team has the haul to make it work.

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