Kevin Durant Responds to a 15 Year Old Hot Take By Colin Cowherd

A Colin Cowherd rant resurfaced on social media.

Kevin Durant loves engaging  on Twitter, and one can imagine he was licking his chops to say something after seeing this tweet by Freezing Cold Takes. In the rant Cowherd rips Durant for not being able to bench a ton of weight.  Cowherd is  obsessed with  him not being able to  bench 185lb, saying it’s a curl for him.

” That’s embarrassing, can’t bench press 185, Kevin can your girlfriend play? “

Listen below:


Durant gleefully responded. .

In the end, that is exactly what he did as he mentioned Cowherd, saying “Can I take a victory lap or I gotta wait until I retire?”

Cowherd has to fill up air time, and he goes on rants that sometimes hit, and mostly they miss.

This one really missed. You have to love seeing him eating his words.

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