Joel Embiid Reacts To Jimmy Butler’s Monster Performance

To this day, Joel Embiid is left wondering what could have been if the Sixers didn’t let Jimmy Butler walk out the door.

After his contentious tenure with Philly, Butler appears to have found a permanent home in Miami. And on Friday night he showed why he’s one of the very best players in the entire NBA.

With a heroic 47-point performance, Jimmy Butler found a way to will his team to stave off elimination at the TD Garden

Watching from home, Joel Embiid couldn’t help but be impressed.

In the past Joel Embiid has lamented the Sixers’ decision to let Jimmy Butler out of their grasp.

“I’m so proud of him; he’s playing at an unreal level right now; he’s something else,” Embiid said after the Heat beat the 76ers earlier in the playoffs. “I’m proud of him for being at this level and what he’s been able to do. I won’t sit here and say that I didn’t wish he was my teammate. I still don’t know how we let him go, but I wish I could still go to battle with him, but it is what it is.”

Even though the dynamic duo of Jimmy Butler and Joel Embiid didn’t last in Philadelphia, they still have all the love for each other.

“I love him,” Butler said. “I’m proud of him. Yes, yes, yes, I still wish that I was on his team. I definitely love the Miami Heat, though, man. I’m glad that I’m here, but I’ve got so much respect and love for Joel Embiid.”

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