Chicago Cubs General Manager Jed Hoyer ‘Disappointed’ In Players Who Won’t Take The COVID Vaccine

The Chicago Cubs are looking like they’ll be one of the team’s who won’t get to 85% vaccine threshold from their players. The MLB has put a rule in place that will allow teams to ease off COVID protocols once the entire team is vaccinated at an 85% clip.

Unfortunately, the Cubs will likely not get there, being as all players have had more than enough opportunities to get fully vaccinated by now.



When speaking to reporters on Thursday, Cubs general manager Jed Hoyer sounded extremely deflated about his team’s inability to get 85% of the roster vaccinated.

The Chicago Cubs have had a couple of their star players, Kris Bryant and Javier Baez, advocate for the vaccine. But they also admitted that they’re not necessarily trying to poach their teammates about getting the shot if they don’t want to.

It’ll be interesting to see how many sports teams face a similar roadblock as the Chicago Cubs are going through right now.

Hopefully some athletes will come to their senses, and take the vaccine.

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