Picture Of Donovan Mitchell And Jimmy Butler Leads To Heavy Speculation

Is Jimmy Butler already recruiting Donovan Mitchell to join him in Miami?

This weekend, a picture of the Jazz point guard hanging out with Butler went viral all over the web.

After the Jazz lost in the playoffs to the Mavericks, it was said but he team’s management that this would probably be the end of the Donovan Mitchell-Rudy Gobert care.

However, it was also reported that the team might opt to part ways with Gobert rather than Mitchell.

Per SI:

“A backcourt duo of Ice and Spida is tantalizing. It would immediately become arguably the best guard duo in the Association. Neither player has played with someone of the other’s caliber, but Mitchell is a terrible defender. Young and Mitchell would undoubtedly be explosive offensively, but adding another abysmal defender will make watching the Hawks pretty difficult. I don’t see this being likely for that reason; additionally, I see the Jazz parting ways with Rudy Gobert instead of Mitchell.”

It remains to be seen if the Jazz are willing to continue to build around Donovan Mitchell’s talents. But if not, look for the Heat to be a team to try to land him via trade.

It should be another action-packed NBA offseason.

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