NBA Insider Thinks Heat Would Trade Jimmy Butler For Anthony Davis

Would the Miami Heat buy-low on Anthony Davis?

Even after his last two injury-riddled seasons with the Lakers filled with inconsistent play, Davis is still considered a vital part of the Lakers’ future. But one NBA insider thinks the Heat would trade away their most valuable asset, Jimmy Butler, to land AD.

“I just think they would do it. If they can turn Jimmy Butler into Anthony Davis, I think they do it,” Simmons said recently.

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According to multiple reports lately, the Heat have been fixated on trying to get a deal done to land Kevin Durant — and would pair him alongside Jimmy Butler.

To this point, we haven’t even heard Butler’s name come up in trade talks, and this deal would undoubtedly be a head-scratcher considering what Jimmy has meant to the Heat franchise over the past few years.

No, I don’t anticipate Jimmy Butler being dealt for Anthony Davis this offseason. But given Bill Simmons’ connections around the NBA, perhaps it’s something to keep an eye on.

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