There Is A Glaring Irony In Commissioner Kevin Warren Pushing To Cancel The 2020 B1G College Football Season

I am dealing with a whirlwind of emotions in light of the recent news concerning the cancellation of the Big Ten football season. I’m sad, I’m angry, and I’m in complete denial at this point. It’s not like I didn’t see it coming. However, I was not ready for the news to be made official. Commissioner Kevin Warren was an active voice in the decision to cancel the season. If you know anything about Warren, his decision was an enormous gut punch and a glaring irony.


Commissioner Warren’s son Powers is a third-year tight end for the Mississippi State Bulldogs. You can bet your bottom dollar that the SEC is going to do whatever they possibly can to make sure there is a season. I mean, is there anything redeeming about Starkville, Miss. outside of college football? I didn’t think so.

The public sentiment in the SEC has been that there will indeed be a 2020 college football season in the south. In fact, several SEC schools are even adamant about having fans in stadiums. If that’s the case, can you imagine seeing Kevin Warren’s face on TV at one of his son’s games? The internet would eat him alive. The thought has probably crossed his mind, but we will see how things ultimately play out.

If I were a college athlete today I would be transferring my ass to a Florida school. Instantly. They seemingly don’t care about COVID down there, so the college experience would be relatively normal. And starting in 2021 college athletes in the state of Florida are eligible to get paid to play. Sign me up.

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